The Painted Peacock is the realisation of a dream about sharing positive vibes through great chocolate. Raised in Kenya and England, Yugna grew up with a passion and a deep love of marrying flavour and colour. After years of experimenting with art and palate, The Painted Peacock was born.

Each chocolate bonbon is skilfully made by hand and finely decorated with beautiful artwork. An incredibly thin crisp outer shell surrounds a centre of soft, velvety ganache made high quality ingredients comprising of exotic spices, fresh garden herbs, nuts and fresh fruit.

The Painted Peacock use Colombian chocolate produced by Casa Luker, who use cocoa beans awarded with a Fino de Aroma classification. Their Granja Luker initiative upskills local farmers free of charge, with the education and tools needed to farm cocoa beans.   

Giving back to the community is close to our heart! 

A % of our profits is donated to the less privileged children in Kenya.

I recently summitted Mt Kilimanjaro and am raising funds to set up a self-sustaining bakery in a container at The Garden of Hope Centre in Ngong, Kenya. Any amount of donation would be greatly appreciated.

The Painted Peacock is a strong believer and proponent of quality, sustainability and environmental consciousness. The chocolate bonbons are beautifully presented and packaged in 100% recyclable packaging.

Enjoy the Edible Art!